President Jeff called the 13th meeting of the year to order at 12:03.  Frank led us in the Pledge and Hoppy led us in Auld Lang Syne to start off 2019. 
Eric Walden asked us to reflect on our Rotary passions. 
Today’s meeting was a Club Assembly where the following items were discussed.
Jeff announced that Board meetings will be held at 10:45 prior to the meetings on the third Tuesday of January, March and May.  All Rotarians are welcome to attend, but if you have an item you would like to discuss, you MUST contact Jeff prior to the meeting so it can be put on the agenda.
Jeff announced next year’s candidates for officers:  Jeff, President, Millie, Treasurer and Mike Hosking, Secretary.  The positions of president elect and sergeant at arms are vacant.  If you would like to be on the ballot for any of these positions, please let Jeff know.  Officers will be voted on at the January 15 meeting.
Jeff asked for input regarding our current venue and meeting format.  Consensus was everyone likes meeting at the IHOP and appreciates the concise meeting format.
Jeff explained the Fines and Community Service charges on our quarterly bills.  These total about $4,500 this year, all which will be used to better our community. A committee will be formed in March to determine the disbursements.
Jeff asked for input in doing small, hands on service projects.  It was decided to do monthly projects.  Stay tuned for more info!   Perhaps another project at Frances Short Pond???
Work has begun on our fundraiser this year.  We will be selling packing boxes to NAU students at the end of the semester.  A designated local charity will be named to receive the profits from this endeavor. 
The 4 Way Test was led by PDG Tonya and the meeting was adjourned promptly at 1:00.
Our next meeting is January 15, with Melissa Burnisconi, co founder of Quality Connections will be our speaker.