Welcome to another issue of our weekly bulletin! Find out who our upcoming speakers are, what we covered in today's meeting and any other scheduled events.
18 Members, 1 visiting Rotarian and 2 guests joined us today.
This week's program
President Jeff called the meeting to order at 12 noon.  The pledge was led by Lee Raddatz, followed by Hoppy Hopkins leading us in a somewhat rousing edition of The Happy Wanderer.  President Jeff asked us to observe a moment of silence and asked for our thoughts and prayers for Jim Dorman who is recovering from a heart attack.
Eric Walden introduced his guest, Matt Ackerman, who is an architect and the father of Jasmine, the President of our new Flagstaff Interact club.  Jeff introduced Steve Colf, a frequent visitor from the Santa Clarita club.  Steve mentioned that he and his wife have found a way they can be members of both our club and the Santa Clarita club.  We look forward to seeing them both frequently.  President Jeff noted that today’s speaker, Marilyn Hammerstom, was previously a member of the Flagstaff Route 66 club and a past president of the Tucson Rincon club.
Past President Eric Walden and Kimberly Batty-Herbert reported that the recently formed Interact club has grown exponentially and now boasts of 6 members.  There are high hopes this can be a great nucleus from which to grow.  Eric mentioned the Interact club had recently completed a clean up project and had adopted the “Crutches for Africa” program for their next project.  If you have any durable medical equipment, the Interact club would appreciate your donations!
Following up on an email sent last week, President Jeff announced that nominations for President for the year 2020/2021 were closed.  He asked PDG Tonya to formally announce the nomination of Carla Viola.  Upon motion duly made and seconded, Carla Viola was unanimously elected President of Flagstaff Rotary for the upcoming year.  In the coming weeks, Carla will be recruiting her board and officers.  If you are interested in serving, please let Carla know or submit a nomination to President Jeff.  An election for the rest of the board and officers for next Rotary year will be held in December.  Congratulations to Carla, who will soon embark on a rewarding and fun filled year.
President Jeff called on Carla to provide a report on Community Service activites.  Carla announced the Rotaract Club had asked for our support of their clean-up project in the area of the westside Home Depot, this coming Saturday, November 9 at 10am.  We will meet in the Home Depot parking lot just before 10am. She asked for the club’s support especially considering the great support we have received from Rotaract for our own projects.  Carla also mentioned the Habitat for Humanity fence building project held last month was a huge success and well attended.  Thank you to everyone who participated!
Our speaker for the day, Marilyn Hammerstom, was introduced by President Jeff.  Marilyn runs the Fort Tuthill Military Museum located at Ft. Tuthill park.  The museum was founded in 2005 by the grandson of General Tuthill to honor the US Army 158th Infantry Regiment and has evolved to honor Arizona’s military history from the 1865 First Regiment of Arizona, to Roosevelt’s Rough Riders 1st Voluntary Calvary which included ten officers and 117 men from the First Arizona.  During World War I the unit was designated the 158th Infantry Regiment and saw service in World War I and World War II. The Regiment was disbanded in 1947, but the current First Battalion 158th Bushmasters unfurled its banner in 2006 on Bushmaster Field carrying on the fine tradition of the 158th Infantry Regiment.  For a more detailed explanation of the history of the Army in Arizona, please visit http://forttuthill.org/history.html
The museum is currently in the process of expanding its coverage of military service in Arizona, with emphasis on the contributions of women and Native people.  The Museum is open on weekends from Armed Services Day in mid-May to October 31.  In concluding her remarks, Marilyn shared a story about a skirmish with California over the building of Parker Dam.  Nellie T. Bush who owned ferry boats on the Colorado, was appointed an Admiral in the Arizona Navy by Governor W. P Hunt.  Admiral Bush actually fired her guns in the area of the dam construction.  This skirmish with California was the catalyst for the current law of the river governing Colorado river water use.
President Jeff thanked Marilyn for her excellent presentation and said the Club has scheduled a social event for the annual performance of the 108th Military Band which is held at Fort Tuthill on the Independence Day weekend each year. Please watch your club calendar!
Jeremy Baker led us in the 4-way Test and the meeting was adjourned at 1:00 pm.  Our next meeting is November 19th when our speaker will be Dr. Sheila Mackell, speaking about her experiences with Rotary’s Rotoplast project.
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Announcements and Other News
On Friday, October 25, Paul and Sue Wagner graciously opened their home for a dessert reception for 19 exchange students and their chaperones, as well as Flagstaff Rotarians.  Everyone enjoyed meeting the students and hearing about their experiences in this great Rotary program.
On Saturday, October 19, 10 Rotarians, 3 family members, 6 Rotaracters, 1 Interacter, 2 Habit for Humanity board members and 4 friends of Rotary, joined forces to construct and paint privacy fences for 2 new Habitat houses.  All 3 fences were constructed, and we ran out of paint before we ran out of energy!
Exchange Students enjoying an evening of fellowship
Hard at work helping Habitat of Northern Arizona
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